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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Flamingo, new phone and day off

Today was a good day!
I had a day off, got to sleep in and stay in my pyjamas until 3pm (I know, lazy!) but I only get to do that once in a blue moon, so I take full advantage of being a lazy sausage while I can!

I got my new iPhone in the post (so pretty!). I've always had black phones or my black iPad so this time I decided to go for a gold iPhone 6.
My hands are super small so it's hard texting or just using the one hand buuuut it's the most beautiful phone I have ever owned and the screen is lovely and big which means shopping online and going on Instagram have just become so much nicer! (To follow me on insta my username is: Shanaytuesday (for anyone interested)) 

I spent all day setting my phone up and then I also received my flamingo slippers!! They are the comfiest, fluffiest, pink slippers I've ever had the pleasure to own (so warm!)

Then I sat and admired my slippers for a while, went to town and got some food goodies and cooked some tacos, I slightly overcooked my poor taco shells so got a bit sad..

But back to work tomorrow, boohoo, so just watching some Gogglebox and Family Guy in bed and then should probably get some shleep.

Na night.


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