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Friday, 27 February 2015

February Favourites

Hello all!

This year is going so quickly, can't believe its already the end of February :(
I have never done a monthly favourite post before but I have got a few things to rave about so thought I'd better start this month!

001// Xen-Tan Premium Sunless Tan light/medium - £24.99

Recently I've been getting fed up of having no sunshine and being so pale, I always feel a bit better with a tan and I randomly Googled 'best gradual tans' one evening and this one was on one of the websites, (click here for website).

I prefer to use gradual tan because it's what I'm used to using and I think that with gradual tan you can apply it regularly to maintain a natural colour.

It gives a great colour, moisturises well and lasts. It also smells like vanilla, my boyfriend said I smelt like our marshmallow Yankee candle haha.

I put it on in the evenings, I showered then applied a small amount all over, then washed my hands and let it dry (which is super quick!)
When you do wakeup you do smell a bit fake tanny and like that familiar digestive biscuit smell, but its okay once you've showered :)

I applied it every night for 3 nights before my birthday and then I stopped because I'd reached the perfect colour, I went to London the day after my birthday and I felt nice and tanned in freezing weather.

If you'd like me to do before and after photos then just comment below and I'll do them for you :)

I bought this on a whim, I wanted to try a new foundation because it's good to mix things up a bit, I know I'm so wild!

Its primer, concealer and foundation all in one and I like it, a lot!
It does cover my blemishes and the coverage lasts all day, perfect for work or long days out and about.
My shade was slightly too dark because they'd sold out of the paler shade but once I'd tanned it was perfect :)

I'd definitely recommend this foundation.

I got this bad boy for my birthday and I was so pleased, you've all probably read a billion blog posts about this palette but I'll just briefly say, I love it!

I mainly use Limit and Nooner on a regular basis, they're both lovely matte shades and look nice when I'm having a simple makeup day :)

And lastly

My hands have been really dry, sore and cracked all winter, I tried about 5 different hand creams that didn't really help, or they did for about 10 minutes and then my hands would get bad again.

This hand cream came free when I ordered the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and toner and I'm so happy I have it.
I don't use it very much but that's only because my hands are no longer dry! Yay!
They're nice and soft again :)

Liz Earle are great because all of they're products contain natural ingredients and your skin will love you for buying their product.

If you have any questions or ideas for posts you'd like me to do, please comment below!

Thank you




  1. I've loved reading your favourites! I love the look of the Urban Decay Palette and also the foundation!

  2. Dying to try Naked 3, I have the first 2 already! xo

    1. It's great! If you like 1&2 then you'll love this one


  3. also love Naked 3! (I also love the quality of your photos haha!)x

    1. It's the best!
      And thank you, means a lot!!


  4. Hi! I love your blog.
    I've nominated you in my latest post called the Emoji Challenge! Have Fun:)

  5. I definitely need to try the Naked 3 palette! The rosy tones look so pretty!
    Rachel Coco

    1. You should! You'll want to use it all the time!



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