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Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Favourites

Hello all!

Woops! Can't believe I haven't blogged in nearly a month! I feel so bad but I've been super busy and I've lacked imagination!

I haven't shopped much this month either, I did buy some goodies at the end of February though and some of them made it to my favourites..

001// Mask Of Magnaminty by Lush - £9.75

This is my all time favourite product after trying it at the beginning of the month, you can buy the normal one which I bought or the self-preserving version which contains more honey great for sensitive skin.

It's easy to spread, although it doesn't look like it would be and you can use it anywhere on your body but I've only tried it on my face (sometimes neck).

It contains peppermint which tingles once applied which makes it feel like it's really cleansing and waking up your skin, honey which is an antiseptic great to clean out your pores, Kaolin and ground Aduki beans which exfoliate and polish your skin.

Your face feels so much cleaner and awake afterwards!

I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you've got spot prone skin like me!

002// Grease Lightning Spot Treatment by Lush - £6.40

Because I have very annoying skin and it loves to be spotty, I've always found it hard to sort them out and I get upset that my spots last for what seems like a lifetime, I went to Lush in hope to find a miracle cream to zap the spots and get rid of them asap, the sales assistant recommended this and I was willing to try anything so I got it not thinking it would do much because I've never had any luck before.

I use it every time I feel a spot coming, in the morning before applying foundation and then in the evenings once I've exfoliated my skin with my amazing mask!

The spots do not disappear straight away (obviously, although it would be fab) but if you put this on them as soon as one appears the next day it feels like its going already! And usually on the 3rd day its completely gone, which for me is super quick in comparison to by past spots :)

003// Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water by Lush - £7.95

Okay I was a bit Lush obsessed this month, but I was super fed up with my skin so I got a bit excited on pay day.

This toner is really refreshing, I use it every morning and evening and my skin feels so nice and fresh and if I'm having a no make up day then when it feels a bit oily I spray this onto a cotton wool pad, wipe it all over my face and it feels nice and clean again :)
 It also contains rose absolute which reduces redness!

004// Smokey Poppy Body Scrub by The Body Shop - £13.00

This is so good! It smells amazing, and also leaves your skin super soft.
It contains real poppy seeds which really exfoliate the skin and lift any dead skins cells.

I use it every other day or if I've been tanning then I shower with this and it scrubs all the old tan off :)

Also your shower/bath will always be super clean because you need to give it a good rinse to get rid of all the seeds! So you and your shower will be squeaky clean afterwards!

Thanks for reading, I promise I'll post more frequently :)
Now to watch Clueless in bed!




  1. The Body Shop scrubs is really one of the best!!! I agree that it smells amazing! :)


  2. Love your march favourites! You're photography is brilliant too! :-)

  3. Lush! yet again I am loving all their products ! nice post.


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