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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rimmel Rimmel Rimmel

Hello all!

I've been paid, finally. 
After a long month of having no money what so ever after Christmas and birthdays, I've finally been paid!

I ran out of foundation a week ago and have been scraping the bottom of the bottle for the past few days to make it last and I've just been out to buy some more and as many of you have probably experienced, when you go into Superdrug (or any cosmetic shop) to buy one thing you need, you end up leaving with a load of other things you don't exactly need but just have to buy because you can't leave without them! And then spend a bit more than intended.
Well that happened to me! Went in for 1 thing and I left with 4 things (which I thought was a success and was very pleased that I didn't get too carried away!)

I bought -

001// Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr liquid foundation in Ivory 100 - £7.99 each or 2 for £10.

I love Rimmel, I have been wearing it ever since I was about 17 and my mum has always used Rimmel too.
This foundation is great because it's long lasting, I have really oily skin so I find that when I use some  other foundations, within a couple of hours its already wearing away and I'm all shiny and oily (I hate it) So this is great if you want something long lasting, that isn't too heavy or cakey on the skin.

002// Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr liquid in 010 Porcelain

Same as the previous foundation but a lighter shade, I have really pale skin so I like to match it, but I sometimes like a slight hint of colour (if I've been tanning) so I either mix the 2 together or just wear the darker foundation alone :)
I just had to buy two because they were on offer! (2 for £10 in Superdrug, go go go!)

003// Gosh brow kit- Kit Sourcils £8.49

This brow kit I find really easy to use. Comes with 3 different shades: light, medium and dark.
I use the medium and dark powders, I'm a mousy blonde so I find mixing the two a perfect match, but this is all personal preference :)

Light, perfect for blondes
Medium, perfect for mousey blondes
Dark, perfect for brunettes

It also comes with a little angled brush which is perfect for applying it, and a wax to set the brows (which I don't always use but it's great for a night out to keep them set and shaped all night)

004// Vaseline in Queen Bee - Limited Edition £3.99

I love Vaseline, I have 2 other tins (somewhere) but I have completely lost them, so I bought this one to use for the time being. It smells so lovely and sweet.
Think it may be my new favourite Vaseline.
And these tins last a very very long time, I've never ever actually ran out of the Vaseline itself and I use them on a daily basis, under lipstick or just on their own.
I always end up losing them though!

Thanks for reading!


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