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Thursday, 19 January 2017


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I'm Back!!

Hello lovelies!

Hope you're all well! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It's been a very long time since I've written a blog post and I feel awful for not writing more! 

A lot has changed since I last posted anything, as some of you know I left to go travelling last January with my boyfriend and we had the best time!! We went to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia aaand last but not least, New Zealand!!! We both had an amazing time!!!
We came back from travelling in August and moved to Plymouth from our home town in Oxfordshire. So it's been pretty busy for us, finding new jobs and making new friends. My boyfriend also started his masters at Uni so lot's of fun things have been happening!!
I'm now settled and loving my new job so now I want to start blogging again :) yay.

Anyway, I hope you're all well, I look forward to posting more and I hope you enjoy whats to come!



Thursday, 4 February 2016

Travelling - Part 1 Bangkok

Hello everyone!

So far we're almost into our first month of travelling.. cray!
Jan 10th - We started off in Bangkok - stayed for 3 days . I didn't photograph much of it because I was so jet lagged and new to everything that I just wanted to see all these new things and get used to everything first. We are going back to Thailand though so I knew I would be able to photograph everything soon and properly blog about it!

Bangkok was nice but so so busy. We stayed about 10 minutes away from the main area in a hostel. The hostel itself was lovely!! It's called Bed Station Hostel - the staff are lovely, decor and cleanliness was so good! Because I was so jet lagged I just wanted to sleep all day and then I would be awake all night so being in a hostel with 7 other people in a room was hard to begin with. After the first night or two you kind of get used to the noise of other people getting up and turning lights on.
Hostels are great if you want to meet other backpackers and want to hear their tips and stories, we met a lovely Swedish guy who helped us work out what route we wanted to take and also a young British couple who were doing a similar trip to us so it was nice to be able to meet people like that.

Every evening we'd get a taxi to Khao San road, it's a very busy street at night with loads of restaurants, bars, market and street food stalls. In Bangkok everything seemed to happen in the evening, every one seemed to show up when the sun went down.
We'd usually find some food either street food or a cheap restaurant (everything is pretty cheap) and then we'd sit and people watch for a couple of hours. You see a lot of unusual things late in Bangkok so it was always a lot of fun.
Then in the daytime we'd usually go find some food near the hostel, wonder around the streets and then lounge around on the comfy seats in the hostel. They had computers and a playstation too which the guys there loved.

Bangkok now feels like a lifetime ago, it's not even been a month yet but it feels like it happened long ago, I think it's also because I wasn't fully awake most of the time.

Street food is a big thing in Thailand, we tried lot's and it was better than most restaurant food we had there so if you ever get to visit I'd definitely recommend to try some!! Pad Thai noodles were my favourite that I got to try.

Traffic is intense there if you're just used to the normal British type traffic, then it will probably shock you like it did me.
Mopeds were everywhere, cars, tuktuks.. they don't really stop at lights or zebra crossings which was strange for us.. We'd try and cross a road and they'd just keep going round us so I'd normally freeze and wait to be pulled to safety which probably wasn't the best way of doing it haha.

There's a lot more to come, at the moment we are in Vietnam! 
My next post will be about Cambodia so if you'd like to know more about our travels and what's to come please keep your eyes peeled for more posts.

Thank you


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